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Baby Proof by Emily Giffin [Jan. 10th, 2010|07:43 pm]

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Off to a slow start this year, but with a couple of health crises last week, I guess that's to be expected.

Also, probably because this book wasn't as engaging as I wanted it to be. It just didn't seem to be about anything. I had several ideas as I read along about what might happen to the main character - to push her out of her bubble. But instead it seems to flounder along and the things happening to the characters around her are actually more interesting, but we only get to hear about them from our heroine's perspective.

This was definitely my least favorite Giffin novel, which is sad because I was so sure it would be my favorite. As someone else who doesn't get the need to have children or what a lot of women become once they have them, I was glad to see this point-of-view expressed in a non-militant way. However, the pay off just wasn't there and that was disappointing.
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I'm currently reading. [Jan. 9th, 2009|11:37 pm]

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I'm currently reading "Remember me?" by Sophie Kinsella, and I literally cannot put it down. Sophie is such an amazing writer, and it's nice to read something by a British author, for once I know the places she's talking about (but it isn't relevant if you don't, it's just nice for me to be like "ohhh I've been there," lol. If you like something light hearted and funny, then I highly recommend this book.

Lexi wakes up in a hospital bed after a car accident, thinking it's 2004 and she's a twenty-five-year old with crooked teeth and a disastrous love life. But, to her disbelief, she learns it's actually 2007 - she's twenty-eight, her teeth are straight, she's the boss of her department - and she's married! To a good-looking millionaire! How on earth did she land the dream life? She can't believe her luck - especially when she sees her stunning new home. She's sure she'll have a fantastic marriage once she gets to know her husband again. He's drawn up a 'manual of our marriage', which should help. But as she learns more about her new self, chinks start to appear in the perfect life. All her old colleagues hate her. A rival is after her job. Then a dishevelled, sexy guy turns up...and lands a new bombshell. What the **** happened to her? Will she ever remember? And what will happen if she does?

ISBN: 9780552772761
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Welcome [Jan. 8th, 2009|03:19 am]

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Welcome to Cyber_Bookclub. I've literally just set this place up, so give it a couple of weeks to get up and running properly, but I thought this could be a fun way to find new books you might enjoy, and recommend your favourites to people etc. Invite all your friends =)
I have started adding tags, like "I'm currently reading, favourite author, favourite book. authors names and recommendations, but you can also add your own.

Anyone want to help pretty the place up a bit?
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